At O’Sullivan Scientific Ltd. (OS2) we provide scientific solutions for potable and surface water quality monitoring and filtration; stormwater, wastewater and agricultural waste discharge; and gps land surveys. We are Wicklow-based Water & Wastewater Consultants operating since 2003.

OS2 have experience in the design and installation of specialist treatment systems such as sand filters and Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICW’s or reed bed systems). These provide alternatives for effluent polishing before final discharge and may be used in the upgrading of septic tank systems, or in the tertiary treatment of effluent to help achieve a high level of treatment before final discharge, in accordance with National and European Guidelines. ICW’s provide low-maintenance, low-energy alternatives, while adding biodiversity and natural habitats to any site.


The following are examples of the range of fit-for-purpose effluent disposal systems designed and installed by O’Sullivan Scientific Ltd.

  • One-off houses
  • Clustered developments
  • Holiday home developments
  • Halting Sites
  • Schools
  • Sports Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Farmhouses
  • Holiday developments
  • General effluent disposal system upgrades.

  • projects

    We have been assessing ground conditions in Ireland since 2003.

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